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Landscaping Ideas and Trends for 2021

If you love the warm weather of spring and summer, you may already be looking for landscaping ideas for 2021. We make it a point to be aware of landscaping trends so that we can help our clients easily achieve a better outdoor experience. We’ve compiled some of the top landscaping ideas and trends for 2021 for you here. Enjoy!

Natural and Native

Low maintenance landscaping is a growing trend for 2021. Formal gardens are not quite out of style, but more natural gardens with a variety of native plants and perennials are coming more into favor. From groundcovers to flowers, shrubs, and trees, native plants need less babysitting to do well.

A more natural garden with native plants will also provide a home for birds and small wildlife.

Bee Friendly

One of the top landscaping trends continues to be the pollinator garden. By planting flowers and flowering trees that bees and butterflies love, you’re not only planting something beautiful, but you’re helping the planet. You may be aware that certain kinds of bees have been dying out due to pesticide use. That’s why the State of Maryland was the first to restrict bee-killing pesticides by passing the Pollinator Protection Act.

You can help the bee population recover with a pollinator garden. It doesn’t have to be large if you don’t have a lot of space – even a container garden will help. But if you can dedicate a large area to a pollinator garden you may want to plan and install your pollinator with the help of our professional landscaping team to ensure optimal performance.

And the great thing is there are pollinator garden designs and plants that are perfect for any space on your property, from full sun to full shade, for dry soil or moist soil.

Food for Thought

One of our favorite (and tasty!) landscaping trends is to incorporate an edible garden. More and more people are incorporating herbs, vegetables, fruit trees, and berry bushes into their landscape design. It could be as simple as a few pots on the patio, or a raised bed. And of course, if you have a larger property, you can create a larger garden. You’re only limited by how much fresh produce you want to eat.

So, if you’re looking for a way to brighten a long winter day, check out an online seed catalog or plant nursery for ideas.

Reach for the Sky with a Vertical Garden

If space is limited, or if you would like to add vertical interest, create a vertical garden. This landscaping trend keeps growing. There are a lot of options with a vertical garden. Create a shelving unit of some sort and put all sorts of potted plants on it, which you can switch out over the spring, summer and fall.

Or create a vertical frame such as a trellis or arbor and plant honeysuckle, wisteria, lemon balm, clematis, or bougainvillea, to suggest a few. Be sure you choose plants appropriate for Maryland, and the sun or shade the spot receives.

Social Distancing Made Beautiful

Another landscaping trend is to create a secluded space in your yard, where you can go when you want privacy. A Japanese-style garden or rose garden with seating for two, and bordered by hedges or arborvitae add a natural privacy screen. A stone wall is another option. Add a water feature such as a fountain or pond, and you have a tranquil spot anyone would enjoy!

Don’t Forget the Hardscape Elements for Outdoor Living

Creating an outdoor living space where you can entertain for at least 3 seasons is a continuing trend across the country. For the ultimate landscape design and outdoor experience, you’ll want to incorporate one or more of the following:

As a full-service landscaping company, Lazo can incorporate any one of these hardscape elements into your overall landscape design.

Build a Better Outdoor Experience in 2021

Make 2021 the year you build your backyard oasis. We would be happy to schedule a consultation with you to bring your landscape design ideas to life! Just use the form to get a free estimate, or call us at 866-909-894.

We serve homeowners throughout Central Maryland and south-central Pennsylvania.

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