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When Is the Best Time to Plant a Tree? Now.

The hot, dry days of summer are finally behind us. If you found yourself wishing for shade or a little more privacy from the neighbors, you may be thinking about planting one or more trees. You may also be wondering just when is the best time to plant a tree. The answer is now.

According to US Climate Data, September is traditionally one of the wettest months in Maryland, second only to July. With the corresponding drop in temperatures, the month of September is the best time to plant trees.

Now, don’t get us wrong. You can also plant trees in the spring after the danger of frost has passed – but you will have to hope we don’t get high temperatures too early, as that can stress a newly planted tree. So can a late cold snap.

By planting in September, and deeply watering the newly planted tree or trees, you give them a chance to establish a good root system. You also give the tree time to “harden off” long before cold weather and a hard freeze comes. Then come springtime, the established root system will allow the trees to grow quickly.

What Trees to Plant in Maryland

In order for your newly planted trees to reach their full potential, it helps to choose trees that are known to do well in our state. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has compiled a Recommended Tree List to give you some ideas.

Pay attention to how tall and wide the full-grown tree will get, as well as whether to plant in full sun, partial shade, and soil needs. This will help you determine which trees to get, and where to plant them. You want them to be able to thrive and add beauty to your landscape for years to come.

By planting in the appropriate location, you save yourself trouble in the future. Few things make our tree service staff sadder than having to cut down a tree solely because it was planted too close to a house, power lines, or another tree.

Consult with the Experts

If you have the strength and the right tools, you can plant a tree yourself, especially a very small one. However, if you want to plant larger trees, or multiple trees for a privacy screen, you’re better off hiring a landscaping company.

At Lazo, we have the equipment and expertise to plant one tree, or a hundred.  Our design team can help you choose the right trees for your location and purpose. We serve homeowners throughout the Baltimore area. Use the contact form to schedule a free estimate, or call us at 410-780-0870.

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