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7 Outdoor Living Ideas to Make the Most of a Smaller Space

Some neighborhoods have expansive yards or acre lots with all the space you could ever need to create unique outdoor living spaces. But in some older neighborhoods, and even some newer construction, the lots are very small. If you have a high-end home with a small yard, you’ll want to check out our outdoor living ideas to make the most of your smaller space.

We’re not talking about decorating. Instead, we’ll talk about what we know. Pools, hardscaping, and landscaping. Let’s get started.

1. Add a Small Pool or Spa

If you don’t have the space for a large and sprawling pool, consider installing a smaller inground pool or spa. Imagine Pools™ has fiberglass pools and spas to fit just about any space. With elegant finishes in pool decking and pool lighting, you get the luxury and relaxation of a pool or spa in a smaller space.

2. Create Separate Outdoor Living Spaces

Wait, what? You may be thinking you can’t do this in a small space, but you can. By creating separate areas for lounging, dining, and cooking, you make your smaller yard look more spacious.  Use different patio pavers, or strips of grass and stepping stones to delineate spaces. 

3. Use Smaller Pavers in Your Patio

When it comes to your patio, you can make it look larger by using smaller pavers rather than the trendy large-scale pavers. You can also create the illusion of a more spacious patio by using lighter colors for your pavers, rather than darker colors. It’s the same idea as using a lighter paint color to make a small room appear more spacious.

4. Use a Retaining Wall for Built-In Seating

This is a way to both add seating in a small space, and separate your patio area from the yard where the kids and dogs play. Consider installing a retaining wall on one end or in an L-shape on your patio. It can add built-in seating and help deal with any slope in your yard as well.

5. Add Vertical Interest

If your yard is on the small side, expand upwards! Consider putting in a pergola to help delineate a space as well as provide shelter and vertical interest. Or create a vertical garden wall with a trellis or series of potted plants. Another option that’s especially important if you have nosy neighbors, is to add a privacy screen of some sort between your patio and theirs.

6. Limit the Lawn

To truly make the most of the space you have available for outdoor living, consider limiting the lawn. You can still have a strip of grass on the side for the kids to play in or for the dog to run in. But the less grass you have, the more space you have for your pool, patio, fire pit, and outdoor kitchen. And of course, you’ll have less grass to mow!

7. Plant the Right Trees, Shrubs, and Flowers

You can still have lush landscaping in a smaller yard. You just need to plant the right specimens. Consider trees with interesting trunks and flowers that grow up, rather than out. For instance, crape myrtle is a narrow tree that can provide a pop of color in the warmer months, while the trunk(s) provide visual interest in the winter.

Use plants with color and texture to create depth in your garden beds, however small they are. Hostas are great for this if you have a shady area. 

In Conclusion

By using high-quality materials and working with professionals, you can take outdoor living ideas you usually associate with a larger yard and scale them to size for your smaller space. It just takes a little more planning.

Get a Better Outdoor Experience with Lazo

No matter how big or small your yard is, the team at Lazo has the expertise to design and install outdoor living components that are both functional and beautiful. We evaluate the size and layout of your yard before making recommendations based on what you’ve told us you want.

Once you’ve approved the design plans, we get right to work turning your backyard into an outdoor oasis. Use the contact form or call 866-568-6265 to request an onsite consultation. We work with homeowners throughout the greater Baltimore area, including Baltimore County and City, Anne Arundel County, Carroll County, Cecil County, Frederick County, Harford County, Montgomery County, and Prince George’s County in Maryland, as well as southern York and Lancaster counties in Pennsylvania.

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