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Top 5 Tips for Tree Care

Trees are an important part of any good landscape design and can hold a place in our hearts. Did you have a favorite tree that you climbed as a child, or sat in its shade on a hot summer day? Maybe you have a flowering tree that brings you joy each spring when the blooms bring a riot of color to a previously brown and grey landscape.

By following a few simple tree care tips, you can keep your trees healthy and happy. Let’s take a look at our top tips.

Tree Care Tip #1: Plant the Right Tree in the Right Place

The best tip we have for maintaining superior tree health is to plant the right tree in the right place. Now, if your property has existing trees, you can’t do much about this. But if you are going to plant a tree (spring and fall are the best times for this), you want to ensure you choose the right tree and plant it in the right place.

Consider the purpose of the tree: do you want it for privacy, shade, or to provide spring flowers? Once you have determined the purpose, that will guide you in where you will plant it. Be careful not to plant it where it will grow into the side of your house or interfere with overhead power lines. We’ve all seen how the power companies will mutilate a tree.

Learn more about selecting the right tree and the right place from the Arbor Day Foundation. You can also consult with a reputable landscaping company. If you decide to plant the tree(s) yourself, be sure to follow the planting directions carefully.

Tree Care Tip #2: Mulch Around Your Trees

Whether you’re planting a new tree or trying to maintain the health of existing trees, mulch is a tree’s friend. Mulch helps insulate tree roots, helps prevent compacted soil, protects them from lawn mower cuts, and helps retain moisture for the roots.

To properly mulch around a tree, remove the grass within a 3’ area of the trunk – up to 10’ for larger trees. Then lay mulch 2-4” deep all around the tree, being careful not to let the mulch touch the trunk.

Tree Care Tip #3: Pay Attention to Tree Watering

Watering a new tree is a crucial step in helping it get off to a good start. Mature trees will also need watering, especially if it’s a dry year. Follow the directions that came with the tree or that your landscaping company provided for watering a newly planted tree. This will include watering immediately after planting, as well as daily watering for the first week and regular watering after that. You should also be careful not to overwater a newly planted tree. You don’t want to cause root rot.

Tree Care Tip #4: Prune Trees the Right Way

Nearly all trees will need pruning at some point. This may be to help shape the tree or to remove diseased, damaged, or dead branches. You will also want to remove so-called suckers from some trees. But you must prune the right way. You may want to review the Arbor Day Foundation’s video on the ABCs of Pruning before starting.

You can also hire a professional tree service to prune and trim your trees. Prune spring-flowering trees after the blooms have faded. Summer pruning can be used for corrective purposes, to shape the tree, or to remove branches you don’t want. Pruning during winter dormancy is also pretty common. You should avoid pruning in the fall because fungi are prolific at this time, and tree cuts heal more slowly in the fall.

Tree Care Tip #5: Consult a Professional If You See Signs of Tree Distress

If one or more trees are dropping leaves in the summer, or you see signs of rotting or dead branches, consult a professional. In many cases, a tree service can save a sick tree. If the tree is beyond saving, they can safely take care of tree removal, including stump grinding.

If it’s a small tree, you might be able to take care of this yourself if you have the right tools and equipment. But for larger trees, do the safe thing and hire the pros.

Take Better Care of Your Trees with Lazo

The Lazo Landscaping team can help you choose the right trees for your yard and install them in the best location to allow for future growth. In addition, the Lazo team has an expert tree care service to help trim and prune your trees to help keep them healthy and perform tree removal as needed. Your yard deserves superior care. Call 866.323.5095 today!

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