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Funny and Harmless April Fool’s Pranks

Every year on April Fool’s Day, we look forward to hearing who got pranked, and how. Some of us love being the prankster, but we must confess, being the one fooled is not always a lot of fun. We do try and wake up with an extra sense of humor on April 1.

As individuals, we can pull pranks on family, friends, and coworkers. Nothing on the grand scale that some of the nation’s top brands do, though. Head on over to Google. They always have a great prank, although they did cancel last year’s because of COVID-19.

Remember, anything you read or hear today that sounds too good to be true, probably is. And if it sounds totally outrageous, remember what day it is.

With that being said, here are some fun April Fools pranks that are easy to do.

For Coworkers or Family Members
Fill up a doughnut box (think something obvious, like Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’ Donuts) with veggies inside, and listen for the reactions near the break room at work or kitchen at home!
Place a “Please honk and wave—April Fools’ prank!” sign on the back of your car or van to either confuse your spouse on the way to work, or your children going to school! Or do this to a coworker if you have a fleet of vehicles.
Want to mess with somebody’s favorite TV or computer without doing any permanent damage? It’s all about the sensors. Just attach a tiny piece of tape over the laser sensor on the underside of their remote or mouse, which will (temporarily) block the signal. Make sure it’s the right color—if the remote is black and you don’t have any black tape, use a sharpie to color it (the tape, not the sensor) —and then leave it out and wait for the confusion.
If you have access to a spouse or coworker’s phone, change the ringtone to something absolutely ridiculous. Then start calling!
Measure out just enough bubble wrap to hide under the rug of a well-traveled stretch of hallway or entryway. Once somebody steps down on it, it’ll make such a loud noise they’ll jump for sure.

At Home
Put a “For Sale” sign out in your yard before the kids go to school!
This one only works if the weather is nice enough to grill. Get a rubber snake (or two) and put them inside the grill. Be sure to put the grill cover back on. This would be a good April Fools rank on parents.

Don’t Be Mean
We’d advise staying away from pranks related to COVID-19 or the vaccine – the pandemic has a lot of us really stressed out. But if you want to go there and you’re good on a computer, sending an official looking email that someone has an appointment scheduled to get the vaccine could provoke quite a reaction!
Or send a text that tells them they need to quarantine because they were in close contact with someone. Just be prepared to watch them panic.

With both of these, you will have to mask that you are the sender.

Don’t Fool Around with Your Outdoor Experience
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